hsm serve seattle – day 2 & 3

Wow. The last two days were so full of amazing things! Lots of work, lots of laughs, lots of fun.

I was going to write a post about all that we did, the projects we did, and the people we served, but all that matters is simply this: God is at work.

Our students are engaging in community. We’re serving with joyful hearts. We’re seeing God at work, both in the city and in our hearts. I’ve had multiple conversations about how God is wrecking our students for Him. I’m so excited for you to hear more, but for now, we’ve been going non-stop for the last 17 hours, and it’s time for bed.

Thank you for your continued prayers!


hsm serve seattle – day 1

We made it!

I’m sitting in the cafe of Ballard Church, watching a small group of students playing a quite game of cards and hearing another group play a loud game upstairs.

Today was a great day! We bonded over the 7 hour (with stops) trip to Seattle. All of our students are super excited about the week, and we can’t wait to start serving Seattle!


Highlights from the day:

– We prayed. We began with prayer at the very beginning of the day. I loved that parents prayed with us. What an awesome gift! We prayed throughout our trip for our truck. It’s having electrical issues, and we literally laid hands on the truck after lunch at McDonald’s in Moses Lake, WA. It was weird, it was awkward, but it was GOOD. It showed that we rely on God. It modeled to our students that we really aren’t in control. And we continued in prayer when we arrived, thanking God for safe arrival, that the truck made it in one piece, and that we have a place to lay our heads at night.

– We grew closer to each other. Through long ours in the church van and other vehicles, we got to know each other’s music likes (and dislikes), we learned who falls asleep with their mouth wide open, and we shared stories. What a great phone-free environment. 🙂

– We instituted the Image of God Awards. These awards (toy crowns from Wal-Mart) are awarded to individuals at dinner who exhibited Christ-like attitudes during the day. It was great to hand these to students with the anticipation of them handing them to someone else tomorrow night.

Thanks for your continued prayer! We’ll keep you posted