Hello!  Thanks for making your way to my blog.  I’m Tim: husband, father, and youth pastor.

photoTim’s Bio

Emily and I were married in 2012, and we quickly transplanted from Southern California to North Idaho, thanks to God’s leading in our lives.  I’m the Pastor of Student Ministries at Coeur d’Alene Bible Church, and Emily is a stay-at-home wonder-mom.  She also has a fantastic blog at www.EmilyCGardner.com, where she is known for her honesty about life, creative crafts, and delicious recipes.

If you were to boil my passion for ministry down to one statement, it would be this: I want to see people love God and love others. Specifically, I love walking alongside families in their journey of raising the next generation of Christ followers, seeing them experience the grace and hope found in Christ.

Tim’s Education

Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministries, Azusa Pacific University

Master of Divinity, Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology


As long as you’re looking around, check out www.ExperienceCDA.com where my wife and I share our explorations and adventures of the Inland Northwest!

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