i’m back!

Welcome to the newly renovated TimothyJGardner.com (previously RevivingFaith.org).  Many of you have been faithful to this blog, even when my posts are few and far between.  Thanks for continuing to have faith that someday I will post again!

If you keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll know that life has been a little crazy this summer…  take a look:

  • Emily and I bought a house!
  • We’re pregnant!  James Atticus Gardner is due in February 2014.
  • Our trip to New York was the perfect vacation to get away for a week.
  • Ministry has been great, full, and it continues to develop as I’ve now spent ONE year in my position at CDA Bible Church.  Time flies!

So there you go.  Life has been busy, and life has been good.  I have been blessed to have a summer filled with family, ministry, and change.  As fall is back in full swing, I plan to pay more attention to my blog, and hopefully have some new content for you soon!

[Keep an eye out next week, as I’ll be guest posting on Emily’s blog: www.PrimitiveRoads.com]


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