Generate Hope

The Problem

  • San Diego has been identified by the FBI as a high intensity child prostitution area.
  • San Diego is an international gateway city for sex trafficking.
  • At least 1 million American children are involved in prostitution each year.
  • Sex trafficking is a multi billion dollar business annually & is the fastest growing business of organized crime.
  • Until now, there has been no long-term recovery program available in San Diego specifically for these young women.

The Vulnerable

  • Homeless, runaway & throwaway children (within 72 hours on the street a child is approached for sex)
  • Children who are victims of child abuse or domestic violence
  • Children in an unstable or neglectful home environment
  • Children with low self esteem or missing a parent figure in their lives
  • Any child with access to the Internet

The GenerateHope Solution

  • Safe Housing in a compassionate environment
  • A Learning Center – Groups & support for life skills, communication & relationship skills, parenting skills, healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse & the sex trade, poor self-esteem, and more.
  • Child Care – for the women are also parents
  • Education – high school, college, or trade school
  • Job Training & Job Shadowing
  • Up to 7 years of continued support

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