18 June 2010 – Lunch Break

“At any step along the way, [Jesus] could have called it quits.  When he say the dirt floor of his Nazareth house.  When Joseph gave him a chore to do.  When his fellow students were dozing off.  During the reading of the Torah, his Torah.  When the neighbor took his name in vain.  When the lazy farmer blamed his poor crop on God.  At any point Jesus could have said, ‘That’s it!  That’s enough!  I’m going home.’  But he didn’t.  He didn’t.  Because he is love.”  – Max Lucado, A Love Worth Giving

This is a love that is worth following.

He never will give up.

Life is not always easy, in fact, more often than we wish, it is downright tough.  But God is with you, and will never leave you.

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