31 May 2010 – Second Chance

After the disaster that was the inflatable pool, the people decided to give Fritter and Georgia a second chance at happiness.  Georgia was apprehensive while the pool was filling up with water.  She wasn’t sure about the new member of the family since Fritter convinced her of the evils of pools.  She approached the new pool with caution.  Again, after realizing that it, too, was not a large water dish, she realized that Fritter had lied to her.  There was no way this pool would take away her loyal followers, the people. Without further hesitation, Georgia embraced the new, non-inflatable pool with open arms and open mouth.

They made an instant friendship that lasted a lifetime.  Georgia was happy with her new friend.  The pool was pleased to bring joy to the family.  The people felt that it was another $10 well spent.  Everyone was happy.

Except for Fritter…  She’ll live.


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