29 May 2010 – Georgia and the Pool

R.I.P. Inflatable Pool…

After getting her very first pool, Georgia loved life.  Once Georgia figured out that is wasn’t just a water dish, they became the best of friends.  There was no bad feelings between them.  Until, when the owners were out, Georgia turned on the pool.

Ever since the pool entered Georgia’s life, Fritter had been envious of their relationship.  Fritter wanted nothing to do with the pool.  She hid in the laundry room, hoping the pool didn’t feel welcome, returning back to where it came from.  Through a devious plot and scheme, Fritter worked hard to convince Georgia that the “affectionate” pool had ulterior motives… motives of evil and drowning.  Fritter knew these motives well, as she had once lived on the streets, a dog with a shrewdness that only comes from the back alleys of Glendora.  She used Georgia’s naive puppy mind against her, making her believe that the seemingly harmless inflatable pool was actually scheming to come in between Georgia and her people.  Fritter told Georgia that the pool would take the attention away from her and she would eventually feel cast aside by her people.  Georgia didn’t believe her at first, so Fritter kept talking, telling story after story of dogs that became a second thought during the summer when pools were around.  Georgia wrestled with this, going back and forth between loving the pool and questioning its motives.  “How could you do this to me?” she would ask the pool.  “Are you really going to do this?”  Being the inanimate object it is, the pool did not respond.  Georgia saw this as the pool’s guilty silence, a kind of confession to Georgia that, yes, it would take away the affectionate people from Georgia.  Not knowing what to do, Georgia finally snapped.  Fritter had gotten to her, and the pool no longer seemed fun, but she could not let her people be strayed away from her puppy-ness.  There was only one thing to do.  So, with coyote-like prowess, she took the claws in her paws and ran at the pool.  The pool didn’t even see it coming.  It was over quicker than it had started. The air escaped. The water leaked. There was nothing left.

Georgia felt both a sense of accomplishment and sadness.  Her great friendship was over, but she still had her people.  When the people got home, they were shocked at the fate of the inflatable pool, finding claw marks in several places.  But they could not be mad at Georgia, as she feigned innocence using her puppy charm.

Fritter got the pool to leave.  Georgia got her people to stay.  The people were out $10.

The End.


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